DME & HME Billing

Here at NascentPath we provides DME & HME Billing services. We provide durable medical equipment & home medical equipment billing services nationwide. 




Healthcare is undergoing a profound transformation. The biggest challenge currently facing providers in this sector is how to improve the quality of care without increasing the cost. A major challenge involves getting paid for the services that have been rendered. In other words, it concerns healthcare providers working hard to improve the quality of services to patients and yet, not getting paid for their work at the end of the day due to an outdated, or simply inefficient, revenue cycle management process. These providers are falling victim to missed, inaccurate or delayed payments, which in turn are hurting their businesses.


This is where we can make a big difference. Our proactive and streamlined revenue cycle management process gives you complete visibility and assurance of your payments – starting from charge entry to claims submission through payment follow-up.







If you are in the healthcare business and are involved in paying for medical services rendered to different parties under some form of insurance, you are probably no stranger to the usual concern over accurately justifying the payment, eliminating fraud and making sure that you are not exploited.


In fact, this is one of the biggest worries of any payor. Is your money going towards a just claim? Are you paying for a genuine cause? Are you sure that you are not being asked to pay for a service that you do not cover?


With our wide range of specialized services tailored for payors like you, NascentPath is uniquely equipped to take care of all such worries quickly, professionally and in a highly cost-effective way.


Take a look at our various solutions and get in touch with us today.

Our end-to-end solutions address submission through payment follow-up.








NascentPath is your one stop destination for competitive medical billing services. We have combined our scalable infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology platforms that helpus deliver quick and effective medical billing across a broad spectrum of specialties.


-Our expert team of medical billers and coders will provide you with transparency in medical claims by setting a strong process foundation with documentation.


-As we partner with major providers and payors,we provide them with our disciplined insight in insurance claims processing.

Our end-to-end support begins with a definitive plan of action which is catered to your needs and will evolve to improve the management of your practice.




We take pride in our highly skilled staff that is trained to deliver outstanding results with an in-depth knowledge of the processes and experience in handling major accounts. Medical billers working for NascentPath work as a seamless extension to your existing operations by employing strong best practices that eliminate loopholes in revenue cycle management priorities.


Also, we believe in providing a 360-degree perspective with our revenue cycle management services to improve thelong-term financial performance of our clients.


“NascentPath has defined and established a process and system to avoid compliance risks while carrying out operations and we encourage our employees to proactively report any perceived compliance issues to management.”