At NascentPath we have a large team of experienced Customer Care personnel and we take pride in our team for a number of reasons.

First, our team brings decades of collective experience to the board and is staffed by highly skilled Customer Care professionals adept at handling all issues and queries that arise in our Medical Billing business.

Second, our team boasts a call abandonment rate which is below 1%. Thus, we successfully and seamlessly build brand equity with each customer touch point while transforming services to sales.

Finally, most of the members in our Customer Care team are capable of handling a wide range of responsibilities besides performing their routine roles. In other words, they often work in telemarketing and sales while working hand-in-hand with our analysts, helping them make prudent decisions.


With so much under one roof, why look anywhere else?


  • Claims status/Prior authorization status inquiry and follow-up
  • Benefit coverage and member eligibility inquiry
  • Member acquisition and retention calls
  • Patient/provider outreach and education
  • Trained personnel with extensive domain experience (healthcare)
  • Voice-trained call executives with neutral US accent
  • Appeals and grievances handling
  • Billing, payment support and collections
  • Multilingual support
  • Real-time call barging
  • 100% call recordings
  • Daily call audit, and much more!