As health insurance is constantly evolving with legislation and new practices, pre-certification continues to evolve as the cornerstone of administrative functions. Any in-house team can be overwhelmed by the complexities, which in turn can have a negative impact on your practice’s finances. You can rest assured that NascentPath with its consultative approach and best-in-class solutions in pre-certification (also referred to as prior authorization or pre-authorization) will handle all operational hassles so you can focus on your care management priorities.


We are full-service, experienced mediators with payors. We are dedicated to help you remove all obstacles in the pre-certification process that are hurting your bottom line. We offer a comprehensive program in practice management with an exclusive skill-set that starts with a synchronized process of collection of patient information to acquiring prior authorization for both inpatient & outpatient services.


We also look to add value with our thorough benefits verification services that remove unpleasant surprises in the path to claims submission and payment, thanks to our proven methodology to eliminate errors quickly and address issues effectively.


Our resources are dedicated experts with extensive knowledge about the checks & balances in practice management.  With our excellent relationship management skillswe will help you reap the benefits due with the insurers. Our zero-client attrition rate is largely due to our comprehensive understanding of Payors’ claims adjudication priorities.


We also partner with insurance companies dealing with health plans. Our unique best practices will help you achieve a better denial management process.


“NascentPath provides stand-alone prior authorization assistance unlike any of our competitors. We believe in employing the right checks and balances to improve your practice management efforts with our disciplined support.”



  • Flexible engagement model without lockup or binding service clauses
  • $7 per hour
  • Turnkey all-inclusive prior authorization services (Authorization Request + Follow-up + Approval)
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Rx notification to the pharmacies (For prior authorization on medication)
  • Scheduling delivery of drugs with pharmacies
  • Competitive pricing, with no overtime and zero overhead
  • Helping you focus on patient-centric activities
  • Long standing alliances with leading health insurers