Our Accounts Receivable follow-up process monitors and proactively pursues collection of payments. All claims that have not been closed out in the system are categorized by age and insurance for effective management of the follow-up process. Calls are initiated for claims that are 31 days old or more. We attempt to identify the source of the problem through proactive calling so that the turn-around time on collections can be reduced.


Diligent follow-up for paper submissions ensures that “claims not on file” are resubmitted within filing limits. Weekly A/R Reports are analyzed and reviewed to prioritize work for the week. All interaction with payors is documented in detail, making repeat follow-ups streamlined and more effective. Our experienced team is adept at gathering information through appropriate probing. Our findings are communicated with clients ina detailed daily report. This report also includes suggestions for actions to be taken from the client’s end e.g. resubmitting medical notes, or modifier/coding changes, and so on.


At NascentPath, every cash amount receives the same degree of attention as the other, irrespective of its size or source. Combine that with our high accuracy standards and you can rest assured that every penny you are entitled to will be claimed and recovered by us in the shortest possible time! Moreover, our knowledge of pertinent federal lawsuch as EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act), ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), the Prompt Pay Law and many others, help us in resolving issues and settling accounts much faster than other A/R managing companies.



  • Streamlined and improved workflow using effective tracking tools
  • Multiple follow-up calls for the same claim
  • Follow-up on all paper submissions
  • Payor-specific analysis
  • Detailed reporting with suggestions for actions to be taken
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduction in turn-around time
  • 100% HIPAA compliant


We also are open to buying accounts receivables that have been difficult to recover and will pay you a high percentage of the total claim value. We even purchase accounts receivables older than 180 days that nobody else would touch! Contact us to sell your unpaid invoices for instant cash.